IBM DB2 Fundamentals training

I've been attending the IBM DB 2 Family Fundamentals training in preparation for the 730 exam for three days this week (Mon till Wed). Its not really hands on but more theoretical based. Even the trainers are not that very well versed in the actual programming/SQL coding. There is a lot of stuff to read .... the study guide and notes weigh in at an amazing 800+ pages and this does not even include the tutorial pages which show the SQL implementations of the examples in the guide. Printing them out would probably take two whole reams of paper :P
Lets go kill some trees!!

For those who have ever taken any DB subject, its mostly the same but obviously leans more towards IBM software. There is theusual tables, relations, keys, indexes and such. Many parts of the quick course focuses on how the functions of SQL are implemented in DB2 and also tends to compare with Oracle, MySQL etc.

Now I have approx 25 days to study before they come back and I sit for the first paper. Maybe I should start soon (hee hee!)>
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