My throat is so sore

Too tired to post yesterday after a whole day of singing and recording. There was yet another recording session for the same song. This time there could not be any mistakes or other problems as this would be the published recording. It was tiring and (honestly speaking) I don't feel like doing another any time soon.

Ai ping solo session....naah :D
Outside view

Not only is my throat over-worked but my DVD-writer decided to die on me after 3 months. I brought it back to AOnePlus in IT Mall and wouldn't you know it - warranty claims would take around 4 weeks ... *sheesh*. They could have offered a one-to-one exchange but they were out of stock for that particular model/brand and I didn't want any other brand 'cos I needed one that could easily be hacked to become region free (I have DVDs from every region except 5).

Things just kept getting worse when I received an email saying my DVD order from UK was cancelled due to stocking problems at the warehouse in Hong Kong. Oh well, at least I got a full refund (minus a few sen because of the US-RM exchange rates) plus a £2 offer voucher. Only problem is that it expires on 11th August and I don't know if I want to use it or let it pass (which would be a waste).

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