Saturday was a tiring day. DN needed help with a recording to be done and needed a choir backing to the main vocals. The purpose ... It was the draft version of a theme song for a government agency. The song will be used in a proposal which will be tabled on Monday which is where most of the problems surfaced. The original singers were weak and extremely pitchy (esp the girls). So I had to call upon the kolej choir members to help.

I'm eternally grateful to the 7++ that turned up to help flesh out the parts and strengthen the melody and hoping it was a 'learning' experience for them as it is probably their first time in a recording studio ... or somewhere close to that. The recording was done in the recording booth at PKUM and although we were scheduled to start early at 3pm, the thing dragged on until past 7pm. Only a small group was required as their voices would be doubled (or tripled, quadrupled etc) electronically (i.e. cut + paste, delay and reverb!!) Tada! A choir of 50 voices. At least they're getting a monetary sum for their time and effort :D

Who knows? If the proposal is sucessful, there may be a second recording which would probably need more polishing and touchup. There is also a second song which I have previewed and is, in one word, AMAZING. I haven't heard a Malay corporate theme this catchy or good for a while. It features one singer (from AF3 hint hint!) and one saxaphonist. The sax player already laid down his tracks live and it only took him one continuous take. I can't wait for the melody tracks to be laid down.

If everything goes to plan, the songs should be up soon for everyone to hear.

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