A unique 07-07-07

Today is a special day for many reasons. It's one of those days on which you get to live a once-in-a-lifetime occurence whereby it is 070707070707 (7th July 2007, 7:07:07am). To commemorate the event, there is a simulataneous concert held around the world under the banner of "Live Earth".

What I did was pledged in the Phillips exchange a bulb programme "A Simple Switch". For every tungsten bulb traded in, you are given an energy saving bulb in exchange. I got 4 and managed to change 3 before the day grew dark. Previously, those 3 bulbs housed 80W incandescent bulbs with a total of 240W/hr. Now they run at a lower 33W/hr but pump out equal (actually brighter!!) brightness. Best thing ... I've reduced my pollution footprint by a whopping 984kgs of carbon dioxide every year. Since the bulbs are too bright, I might be using even lower wattage ones (5W seems adequate)

Recycling paper is also something which is easy to me. In 3 weeks, I manage to collect enough leaflets, paper ads and flyers to fill up one shopping bag. Frightening huh? This is not even counting the newspapers which are still collected by the newspaper man :)

I still have a lot to go in terms of reducing my ecological footprint. I still need to travel in a gas guzzling vehicle for 82km each working day (approx RM50 a week). That generates a heck of a lot of CO/CO2.

But then what have YOU done for the environment lately?

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