My DVD orders finally arrived

After an extended period of waiting, my latest online DVD purchases arrived today. Both came through normal mail; Pocahontas 10th Anniversary Edition and R&H's Cinderella 1997 and will add to my ever-increasing stash of DVDs.

Cinderella and Pocahontas DVDs (L - R)

Contents of the Pocahontas 10AE DVD

Contents of the R&H CinderellaDVD Close up of the near translucent label on the Cinderella DVD ... nice!Close up of both DVDs in the Pocahontas case. Somehow Pocahontas looks odd on the label ... almost like here cheek bones were drawn to high

Even the cases are a unique type of Amaray. Both have little latches at the side which further lock the case shut and hold them tight (see second and third pic). There's not much of inserts in the DVDs other than the usual obligatory chapter listing sheet and offer booklet which has expired (both discs are old release that are hard to come by)

So why Pocahontas? I found the movie to be ok but the music was amazing. What really tempted me was the extended version that was included on this release as well as the original theatrical cut. The extended release restores a deleted song and changes the ending with a new reprise theme which really fleshes out the story more. This is especially true as the new song expresses the bond between John and Pocahontas (no matter how inaccurate the storyline may be). Animation is flawless, restoration and release work is amazing, soundtrack is stellar plus the second disc which includes all the documentaries (including one which I had on VHS tape!!) about the making of the show. This DVD set me back £14 or approx RM98.

R&H Cinderella just adds to my musical DVD collection. This DVD by Disney is an updated remake of the classic TV show featuring music and lyrics by the infamous Rodgers and Hammerstien team. This was their first ever musical written specifically for television broadcast and the premiere broadcast featured none other than a very young Julie Andrews in the lead role. In thie version, many boundaries have been broken down and changes made to make the movie politically correct. Compared to the first release (which is only in black and white kinescope), skin colour doesn't matter. Cinderella is played by Brandy (of Moesha fame) and she does an adequate job. The godmother is none other than Whitney Houston who also produces this remake. I have always loved this musical because of the songs inside ... which is why I also have the piano book for it too!! This disc set me back RM45.

Whats so amazing about this order?? I placed the order for Cinderella in November 2006 and Pocahontas in February 2007. So that means it has taken them 9 and 6 months respectively for them to arrive .... frustrating isn't it?!? Oh well, now I have DVDs from nearly every region in the world (R1, R2, R3, R4 and R6) No region 5 DVD though as those are from China ... I can never tell which ones are real and which ones are fake.

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  1. Ohh...I love this movie!..:-) I am looking for Cinderella very long time. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

    Thank you very much for the answer.

  2. you can still get copies from Amazon for US$9.99 + shipping ( or try wowhd at £9.99 free shipping (