Blogger testing ... file uploads and downloads?

Blogger is limited in the sense of allowing file uploads and downloads. This is probably as a preventive measure to save on bandwidth resources. To overcome this there are workarounds but this involves hosting the file on external sites and linking back to the blog.

This post is just my own test to see how effective this method of posting/hosting is. The file below is my transcription of the reprise of "What I've Been Looking For" from Disney's High School Musical. Its not 100% true to the recording but close enough to pass. Its encrypted and protected so if you really want it you have to find a way to contact me. The score is NOT for sale. I just wrote it 'cos its the one song missing from the published PVG book from Hal Leonard (the other pieces suck anyway mainly because the songs are more percussive pieces instead of piano ones).

Download test file here