High School Musical 2 hits local shores!!

Huge crowd turnout Its been 2 weeks since HSM2 premiered on the Disney channel here in Malaysia (and whole of SEA I guess) and the craze has definately caught on. I went to the Astro HSM2 event held at 1 Utama yesterday just because it was so near and it's great to hear Jaclyn Victor sing live. The crowd was huge and was mostly made up of tweens and kids screaming their lungs out to the soundtrack that was being piped through the PA system.

The stage with the Hari Raya minaret at the back Every inch of space was filled on every floor! The event was scheduled at 1pm but as usual, local rubber time pushed the start time to 1:30pm with bubbly Natalie from Hitz.fm leading the crowd into a frenzy for prizes. The key word for the day was "ME!" repeat ad libitum.

Vince and Jac with Natalie on stage After a couple dozen goodie bags were grabbed away, Vince and Jac were brought on stage to perform after a quick interview from Natalie. They performed both versions of the song "You are the music in me" in english and malay live and they sounded pretty good. The duet was far better then the trio that was made for the first HSM which was a collaboration between Vince, Nikki Gil from Phillipines and Alicia Pan from Singapore. In HSM, the three of them (all good in their own way) did not work together musically on the song "Breaking Free" with most parts sounding forced or out of range. Imagine a guy singing a part higher than a girls' and that was how painful to the ear it was. Whoever did that arrangement and produced it needs to get his ears checked. Problems with HSM2? The translated lyrics were wierd - roughly translated back into meaning you are the music in my heart but I guess it had to be done to fit into the note/syllable/rhythm of the song. Oh well ... I'm gonna try out blogspot's video hosting feature with the same video I uploaded onto Youtube of both the performances by Jac and Vince. Enjoy!!

Kau muzik di hatiku

You are the music in me

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