Stuff, stuff and more stuff

It's been about two months since my last post and obviously things have happened since then. Biggest deal was I got sick in October which saw me getting off work for a week for a case of suspected German Measles. An epidemic has been going on at UM for quite some time now and I guess with the time I've spent there at kolej, pusat and my own faculty, it was almost for certain that I would have caught the bug somehow. What started as a red blotch grew to a mass of bright red spots all over in a few hours.

'Cos of this I had to take a blood test at UMMC. Results of the blood test only came out a week later and confirmed that it wasn't GM but instead a reaction from the antibodies I already had against a viral infection I got (IgG 26.7 IgM Not detected...whatever THAT means). That was the good news ... the bad news was that I got another infection from a hematoma that erupted from the spot where the blood test was taken *SHEESH*. So that brought on another week of antibiotics, painkillers and NSAIDs. Add on the multi-vites and antibiotics from the previous week ... no wonder I was pissing orange. I'm just glad its finally over.

Painful bruise....ouchie wawa!
What else ... hmm? I'll probably think of what I've missed out on posting here later.