Next DVD project !!

Two days past Christmas 2007 and the camcorder is back from Sony SC repairs and hopefully functioning (haven't tested it out yet) which means yet another DVD authoring project is approaching. There are 3 DV tapes to be transferred/captured which means around 5 hours++ of footage to sift through and edit together *groan*.

Anyways, I'm getting the hang of manipulating multiple video sources and should only need to use PowerDirector, DVDLab and Vegas Studio to piece everything together ... crossing my fingers though 'cos something always seems to crop up which means I need to bring in another software/hardware component. One things' for sure - no multi-angles this time ... really gave me a f*cking headache last time. Basic specs : 16:9 widescreen PAL with Dolby Digital audio (no upmixes this time too) ... I am wondering about dual layers though but they would cost a lot to replicate in bulk.

I managed to throw together a preview of what could possibly be the playback menu of the DVD and the packaging label in around 30 minutes using PowerPoint and Paint Shop Pro. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions (I'm aiming for a minimalist look this time 'cos I don't really know how to copy the songket pattern from the UTHM programme booklet)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Its Christmas day and I'm still awake ... and no, I'm not waiting for Santa. Its just my internal clock is totally whacked. So here's some pix taken in 1 Utama. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!! (click for bigger pics ... opens in new window)

Animatronic toy soldiers drumming along

Even Snow White and her Seven dwarfs make an appearance (and I know dwarves is spelt wrong but go complain to Walt Disney and not to me)

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Running out of space

My orders from YesAsia arrived today by air mail from Hong Kong. Another 3 DVDs to add to my ever increasing collection ... which got me to thinking; I am really running short of space. I still have two more box sets coming in from Australia plus a massive 12 disc collectors set and many other normal DVDs. I've already filled one shelf which means I have to start moving stuff around to fit the incoming discs (about 4 Amarays and 2 box sets not inclusive of today's arrivals)

So what did I buy? Two items were on sale: The King Singers' Byrd to Beatles DVD and RockApella in Concert DVD coming in at US$6.99 and US$5.99 respectively. These prices have since shot back up post Christmas sale to the regular price of US$19.99 and US$14.98 ... so I guess it was a lucky thing I noticed it was on sale. The third DVD I got was the Grease 2-disc set. The Malaysian version retails for RM79.99 and this was goin for US16.49 or RM55. It was mostly an impulse buy and also to make up the total cost and get free shipping (else it was additional US$8 which I was not willing to give up).

The rest of my other stuff is now currently wrapped up in 2 boxes in Singapore. Now comes the problem of trying to figure out how to get it up to KL earlier (else it would be at Chinese New Year). This included the set below which is an exclusive from EzyDVD Australia ... cheaper compared to the American R1 version which would have cost me RM399 minus any fancy packaging or the Japan R2 version at RM699 with the carousel box.

Considering the fact that the "Sound of music" DVD alone retails locally at RM49.90, I just couldn't resist and splurged again. I only know 3 of the movies in the set (SOM, King and I, South Pacific) but will be taking this opportunity to get to know the other three (Oklahoma, Carousel and State Fair). Amazingly, this set is still available for purchase here but the standard set is out of stock. Both are at the same price but they will NOT ship overseas ... go figure :P