Next DVD project !!

Two days past Christmas 2007 and the camcorder is back from Sony SC repairs and hopefully functioning (haven't tested it out yet) which means yet another DVD authoring project is approaching. There are 3 DV tapes to be transferred/captured which means around 5 hours++ of footage to sift through and edit together *groan*.

Anyways, I'm getting the hang of manipulating multiple video sources and should only need to use PowerDirector, DVDLab and Vegas Studio to piece everything together ... crossing my fingers though 'cos something always seems to crop up which means I need to bring in another software/hardware component. One things' for sure - no multi-angles this time ... really gave me a f*cking headache last time. Basic specs : 16:9 widescreen PAL with Dolby Digital audio (no upmixes this time too) ... I am wondering about dual layers though but they would cost a lot to replicate in bulk.

I managed to throw together a preview of what could possibly be the playback menu of the DVD and the packaging label in around 30 minutes using PowerPoint and Paint Shop Pro. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions (I'm aiming for a minimalist look this time 'cos I don't really know how to copy the songket pattern from the UTHM programme booklet)

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