And so another year passes on ...

23rd January was Malam Juara-juara and this year it was packed. DTC was filled to its capacity on every floor ... probably due to the public holiday for Thaipusam which was declared on Monday. KK9 reclaimed the overall champion title for Feseni 2008 with an overall lead of 45 points (not inclusive of Nyanyian Irama Malaysia of which KK9 won several positions). It was a slow night and only ended past midnight after many performances and 8 competitors for NIM. One thing does come to mind though ... MJJ has become a drag after 4 consecutive yearly wins. Don't get me wrong ... its not that I'm not grateful or not thankful for winning (which I most certainly am) but then the chore of having to go for MJJ has since lost its novelty and has become somewhat a burden instead.

This year the KK9 choir combined forces with several members from kk6 team (which incidently won 2nd place) to substitute those having exams and could not make it to MJJ. Two nights of preparation were hardly enough but they managed to pull of a barely credible performance of Malaysia oh Tanahairku, Lenggang Kangkung and Stand By Me ... I guess beggars can't be choosers

So whats in the future for the team? Well, there's the self organized get-together with UKM in early March but other than that, nothing is scheduled until the next competition. Now its back to editing the videos into the 2008 compilation (3 DV tapes only ... far less than the 7 last year). Here's a quick 3D rendering of a possible cover design for the 2008 set. I cheated a lot by using a cropped of section of the Feseni 2008 poster (designed by Kak Ira from PKUM) and flooded the rest of the area with the same translucent blue and white in 3 layers ... Hey! whaddya expect for 20 minutes of work in PaintShop? *sheesh*

I haven't tested it out yet but I hope there's enough resolution to apply to the final cover file. Comments anyone ??

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