Post New Year 2008

New years' was a tiring one (which brings to mind ... since when has it NOT been tiring). This year instead of having the NY party at someone's home, it was held at Yuen Steamboat in Sunway. Taking up 3 tables, the dinner revolved around big crowds, long queues and chicken grabbing.

After that it was off to 1U for the countdown. To avoid the crowds we walked there (thank god ... the traffic jam was horrendous). According to the press the next day, an estimated 100,000 revellers were there for the fireworks display. 1U started off the countdown 5 minutes early to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to watch both displays at the Central Park and The Curve.

Watch the fireworks from 1U (WARNING loud audio)

Those that managed to continue, ended off the morning in McD's which was also packed with people. By the time we were done it was nearly 3a.m. and I had been awake since 5 because of exam invigilation duties. I don't think I could have lasted much longer ... thank god for public holidays!

Why so like school picture :) Don't ask ...
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