The things you find when shopping online

Wow...downpayment for a car!
Was browsing online and spotted this through the Kelkoo search engine. Anyone interested in owning a £637.32 double disc DVD set of Hairspray ... thats the equivalent of RM4076.12!! (as of 12th January 2008). Don't you just love database errors? The actual page is here at FrontRowDVD until someone notices and corrects the mistake, so here's a screenshot for when it does happen.

Anyways, the MOHE project is moving along quite nicely. It is compiling in the backgroud as I am writing this post. Compared to the previous project, it is far simpler and more compact but actually has longer content. Owing to the fact that a single layered DVD has to hold 3 hours of video and audio, the compression ratio had to be raised quite high and is sometimes quite noticeable (especially on title and key pages). Only one (1) hidden feature this time round and no subs and audio options due to lack of space and time.

MOHE project connections screenshot
MOHE project only has 10 main assets

Feseni 2007 connections screenshot
Hell hath no fury in this one

And this will probably be the final version of the cover. Made a few cosmetic changes but mostly still looks the same.

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