UKM-UM Choir get together was tiring ... but fun !!

Stage all set
After many discussions and meetings, finally the teams from UM and UKM/Artisukma got together for an informal session cum concert at the UKM campus on March 9th. There were gossip and discussions on the previous days' elections (of which BN suffered major losses) but that wasn't the main agenda of the day.

After a period of pemecahan air batu, we had an intimate session to get to know each other. Mainly, things are very much different in UKM as they (the choir there) do not face the same stress as the kolej choir do for the Feseni competitions in UM. Instead they are stressed out over events such as the convocation ceremony (which I fully understand after going through it twice in UMSO ... tiring + boring = no fun). They also suffer the same problems of attendance and discipline as we do ... small world isn't it?

But best conclusion, every member there is also is definitely gila 'cos the SS habit runs wild there too :D

If only they saw the reminders we stick in our practise rooms (i.e. "Don't SS"). Anyways, here are more pics from the event.

Lunch time
Warmup session
Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh
Mah meh mee moh moo
Ughs, the dreaded UFO effect

There are better (and more) pics on other this blog -> the Cross-Junction
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  1. thanks for the compliment.
    I wouldn't say my pictures are nicer since it's just a snapshot to record events like yours..
    perhaps it's the difference of the camera la huh.. :)
    Nice having you guys at the choir exchange.

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