Disney Channel broadcasting lies

Recently, Disney Channel Asia has been heavily promoting the upcoming broadcast of "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds" event which is scheduled on 21st June 2008. Touting the movie to be digitally broadcast in 3D, viewers/subscribers have to obtain their "3D glasses" from participating venues and roadshows (which incidently is running at 1 Utama as I blog this).

Avoiding the holiday mall crowd, I decided to drop by the VideoEzy store just for fun to get a pair to see what the hype is all about since I was already having lunch next door. Turns out they are just the ordinary bi-coloured glasses which anyone can make themselves (or just hold up a red and blue coloured transparent cup to your eyes). Recalling that Disney USA made an announcement a while back about Disney Digital 3D, I immediately thought that something must be different to warrant an official launch of 3D broadcasts.

3D glasses from ASTRO
Googling around, my suspicions were confirmed as the ORIGINAL HM&MC concert actually uses radial polarized glasses instead of bi-coloured filters. What this means is that it requires special projection equipment to recreate these polarized fields for the real glasses to work (i.e. projecting at 144 frames onto a Z-screen filter to polarize the fields whereas Astro broadcasts only at standard PAL 25 fps). This technique was first used on the Disney computer animated movie Chicken Little 3D and allows for added depth in the field of vision and also retains the colours of the original movie.

3D glasses used in Chicken little - Pic from mouseplanet.com
Obviously this 3D setup can't be recreated on conventional TV/LCD/Plasma sets at home without causing circuits to blow up - hence the reduction to the fundamental technique of bi-coloured filters. Our advantage? We get to watch the "movie" for free - with subscription to Disney Channel of course - whereas it was a paid for event in the States as it was only shown in theatres. Its a one night presentation only though ... so maybe I should record it up and torrent the file.

Now they why would Disney Asia continue to advertise the event as being DIGITALLY broadcast in 3D?!? The lies ...

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  1. Oh good if you're recording it. No.4 has been asking me to record it for her (but GM's player can't do that). Do let me know ya.