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Ok so they're targeted at the Apple product but anyone can actually download these and enjoy them without an iPod. There are some pretty good gems to be found out there and these are just several I've found ... and who knows how long they'll stay valid and available for download. So start the downloading!

Free iPod Starter Kit from
Pretty eclectic stuff with some good ones there especially those from Wu Tang Clan, Bob Marley and Josh Rouse. Click on the stream button to listen or visit each individual page to download the track. Files are provided as mp3s and should work in any compatible player including the iPod, Zune, HUM etc.

Acappella U video podcasts
Acappella U used to deliver regular podcasts featuring performances from various acappella groups / sources in the States but due to copyright and licensing restrictions, they had to drop all their free podcasts in favour of paid subscriptions. Non-subscribers can still download condensed podcasts with short excerpts of the included performances though.

Recently they began offering full length video performances by groups in full HD quality at 1280×780 resolutions. Currently they only have two episodes (they only started HD video podcasts in April) featuring "U Penn Off the Beat" and ICCA2008. Word of warning though as the downloads are huge - weighing in at 294MB and 524MB for episodes 1 and 2 respectively - and require quite some processing power for playback. FIles are delivered in m4v format and can be played back in Quicktime, QT Alternative or VLC (recommended).

MP3s from homepages, artiste's websites and MySpace
Many artistes actually offer full downloads of their songs on their own websites and some even offer exclusive tracks that cannot be found anywhere. So getting them for free is a steal. Here are several you can hit up for legal downloads
» Doxology recently gained popularity because of a particular arrangement of a Beatles song performed by AI7 winner David Cook. You can download the demo and full versions of the original performance at their myspace page. Get them from their MySpace music player.

» Jim Brickman actually offers several songs for download if you search through his website thoroughly. If all else fails, use a Google hack to get at them!

» Andrew Seeley used to offer his music for download on his website. Some of you might be wondering who the heck is this Seeley fella - well, he's the guy that provided the singing voice for Zac Efron in original High School Musical. He also provided downloads to his numbers from the Cheetah Girls soundtrack. Not too sure whether they're still there or not (site was down during time of this posting)

» Soundtrack from The Collector TV series is still available at their website. Just go behind the scenes to get the tracks.

» Theme song from Max Payne is available from their website under the downloads section. Haunting and melancholic, this track really creeps me out and reminds me of so many moments in the game. And I can't wait for the movie (starring Mark Wahlberg as Max ... woo hoo!)

» Soundtrack to the new release of the Sam & Max Season 1 game is available from their developer blogs - all linked for your convinience at this particular post.

» Broken Sword III game soundtrack mp3s are available from the developer website.

Free audio books at Audible (offer expired)
There was this amazing offer earlier in which you could download the entire unabridged audio book version of Bram Stoker's Dracula for playback on iTunes or an iPod ... however this offer has been withdrawn and the actual download files have been removed from their download library. Weighing in at a hefty 252MB download, the audiobook actually lasts nearly 18 hours!! A real bummer, but thankfully my licenses still work. Sorry 'bout the expired offer though!

Anyways, that should be enough to start you off to your very own personal legal collection of mp3s.

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