Olympics 2008 trickery?!?

The 2008 Olympics have started in Beijing and the opening was a sure stunner but barely 5 days after the opening ceremony, news reports have started to expose about how the public were fooled into thinking how well the event ran on the night.

There was pre-recorded computer rendered video footage of the fireworks used during the live broadcast which showed how firework 'footprints' traversed a 6 mile journey from Tiannamen Square to the Bird Nest stadium. Watching a HD download of the opening ceremony, it is actually noticable now which ones were faked. My guess is that all the outdoor shots were pre-rendered right from the very beginning. The camera angles and positions are so close to the fired fireworks that in reality, the downdraft of the helicopter used (if there was an actual one) should have distorted the foot shape but instead it is perfect.

Fireworks a few feet from the helicopter remain unaffectedIf I were to guess, I would even say that the 'smiley' fireworks for the theme song were also generated during the outdoor shots as each one was a perfect smiley ... but I'm just guessing. I have NEVER seen any firework display with that that amount of precision. Some shots were ever-so-slightly off and looked funny - everything was in focus no matter how far away it was!!

Is it me or is the focus depth of this picture wierd?Next trick was the replacement of the actual child singer because she wasn't pretty enough to represent China though the actual singer has now been given recognition after the musical director of the event admitted to the change as published in many news reports (such as the one here).

Another thing which I have yet to see any news/online/web/TV report on is on the opening drum sequence of which commentators said there were 2008 drummers. A still frame of the drummers reveal that there are only two groups, each with 59 columns and 17 rows making a total of 2006 participants!! Where are the missing two?!? Believe me ... I counted this twice using multiple frames which makes me wonder is this another case of fakes as China is so infamous for?

BTW, I also have a sneaking suspicion that the drum sequence audio was pre-recorded too because the drumming was never in sync with the sound. Ughs ... I'd better stop analyzing too much before I spoil the splendour of what really was a good show.

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