Are your broadband details correct?

Local broadband selections suck big time. Its either you go with wired broadband or any of the other wireless options which are (in my opinion) worse as their data transfer rates fluctuate so randomly its hard to predict anything. If you are on any package though, one thing you should be checking is whether or not you are getting the correct up and downstream rates as subscribed. If you're lucky, you could be getting a better package than the one you are paying for but if not, you could actually paying extra for nothing.

ADSL speeds are controlled by the ISP - which in my case is TM - based on contract agreements. The maximum download and upload rates are determined by the handshake protocols that happen between your modem/router and the exchange. The only way you can find out this information is to access the configuration pages of your device to see at what level your connection has been setup to.

Accessing the configuration pages might be as easy as entering the device's IP into the address bar of the browser (different devices may vary in technique - check the manual) but many will have passwords which can be Googled. Here's mine.

It states that the handshake has setup my upstream (US) rate at a maximum of 512 kbps and downstream (DS) as 1024 kbps which is great since I'm only subscribed to the 512 package :)

Other modems will have different config pages but basically say the same thing, perhaps using different terms but you get the picture. Here are some screenshots of two other popular modems provided when subscribing to TM - ZTE (the gawdy blue one) and an Aztech 500E modem.

If your handshake details are inconsistent with your subscription details, its time to call the service hotline of your ISP and complain that you are not getting what you paid for. Do note however that the handshake only states the maximum possible up and download rates - actual usage depends on other factors such as current network traffic, server load and intercontinental connection conditions.

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