Mamma Mia makes for more musical movies

Photo from allmoviephoto.comAnother musical-to-film movie is about to hit local shores, albeit at a very much later date than when it premiered (25th September 2008 to be exact compared to when it actually opened in UK on 30th June). Based on the Broadway musical, this movie only makes use of ABBA songs to carry the movie along and is not actually a biopic of the group as many might assume. Featuring nearly the entire range of ABBA songs, the musical makes use of their most popular hits including Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, Money money money and Honey honey (hmm ... aren't these song titles SO creative - note sarcasm here). Of course the aptly name movie title track is also featured but only halfway through.

One thing I do notice though is the sudden increase of interest with musicals currently ... not that I mind though. The trend is noticeable especially with movies and TV releases such as Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Rent and the Disney staples with its Enchanted, High School Musical trilogy and Camp Rock coming soon. Audience wise, there will be the fans and of course the detractors that hate anything to do with musical theatre and broadway. As for me, I find it interesting to watch actors expanding their range and ability - and perhaps showing off something new we've never seen before.

Take Pierce Brosnan for example - possibly best known as James Bond (and maybe less so as Remington Steele) he has always been the action/mystery actor but manages to show off some vocal prowess in this movie. The same goes for Meryl Streep who was the boss you loved to hate in the Prada movie but seems to carry the quirky title role here very well (based on trailers I've seen). Whats next for musicals at the cinema ... who knows? Here's hoping Avenue Q makes it someday 'cos I'd like to see how the censors handle that ( ... the internet is for porn, grab your d*ck and double click for porn porn porn ... )

Piano score reduction MIPHmmm ... which reminds me, I still have the PVG score book from this musical which I never sold (WB publishing ISBN 0757992781). It was ordered and never picked up and now that person is in Thailand .... guess its mine now. Any offers to buy it (retails RM79)??

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