Would you pay RM108 for this?!?

RM108 paper calendar ... crazyThis is a rhombic dodecahedron calendar made of paper ... and it costs RM108 - P&P not included - to get one (and yes I know its outdated but you get the picture). You can get the link to the website selling them here.

Funny thing is, you can make these dodecahedron models very easily and to accomplish the similar results as those from the website, all you'd really need is a good colour printer and the ability to follow folding instructions. I've personally made the rhombic dodecahedrons since I was a kid but never really fathomed them as calendars mainly because I was too fascinated by how the pieces fit to form the model.

Although I learnt this model from a book which was in Japanese (yeah, I had to figure out all the stuff just by looking at the pictures) I've found better instructions online to help from this website. Here you can generate printable PDF files to create calendars for any year in several languages. Here's mine as displayed on my office PC monitor - created using the same generator and printed on 3 sheets of coloured paper before assembly. Total cost? Probably RM0.05 max since the paper was recycled from old ads - I could have made it more fancy by using the office colour laser printer and adding backgrounds but I kinda like it plain as the dates are easier to see.

Eco-friendly recycled dodecahedron calendar

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