New BIOS update for Acer M5640

NOTE 18/01/2009

This outdated post has been updated

Took a MAJOR risk today and updated the bios on my Acer M5640 Aspire desktop with the latest revision number R01-B2. Why major you may ask? Well ... from what I can figure after searching around, the bios version IS official from Acer/AMI but it hasn't been released in many countries. As of yet, the bios firmware is only available on the Taiwan and Thailand Acer support websites whilst ALL other countries are still stuck at R01-A3 or worse at R01-A1.

Anyways, I downloaded the one from the Thai Acer website (both sites have different packages but the same firmware file) and proceeded with the firmware update using the Windows flash utility ... was too lazy to create a DOS bootdisk. It ran, it erased, it programed and then it 'hung' and Vista went into its familiar "Application is not responding" period. About 45 seconds later, the PC went into auto reboot and voilĂ  the firmware update was complete (*phew*)

Whats new?

Major changes are additions to the "Advanced Bios Features" section of the bios which now has the option for "Installer OS select" with the options for Windows, Linux or other (supposedly to help in correctly booting OS installer discs) and an option to enable and disable speedstep on the CPU labeled "Speedstep Tech". Other menus seem to remain the same but I have nothing to compare to as I forgot to note down the changes prior to flashing (my bad).

Upon entering Vista however, it detected a new device and promptly installed drivers for PCI standard RAM controller and it now appears multiple times in the device manager. Have no idea what this device is and what it does but so far it doesn't seem to affect Vista in anyway.

New devices but what are they?
For those interested, here are the direct download links to the new bios revision for the M5640 (also for M1640 and M3640):
  • R01-B2 firmware from Thailand Acer Support website available for Windows/DOS and Linux
  • R01-B2 firmware from Taiwan Acer support website available for Windows/DOS. Instructions in Chinese.

NOTE 18/01/2009

This outdated post has been updated

DISCLAIMER : Any attempts of this update is at your own risk and I do not take any responsibility. Attempts at changing hardware settings are not approved and may void your warranty if not done properly. All trademarks, tradenames and program names are property of their individual owners.

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  1. this actually fixed my "CMOS checksum error". I even changed the CR2032 battery withiyt succsess, but ugrading to R01-B2 bios strangely did the trick. Thank's