Something fishy with my Streamyx connection ...

UPDATE 17-01-2009: Scratch this post as I only just figured out it was a problem with the router firmware.


Been having problems with my Streamyx connection this past week. Many sites would not load on the first attempt and require multiple F5 refreshes to fully load. This lead me to wonder if my modem/router settings are causing too many dropped packets. So I did the usual MTU fragment checking and lo and behold, the Max MTU has been lowered down to a measly 1272 bytes!! My modem/router settings were set to the default of 1492 so this basically means hundreds of packets were being discarded because they were too big.

WTF?! the MTU is now a low 1272B!!From the image above, I've highlighted the maximum packet size that I can send/receive through my ISP. Adding on the 28 byte header brings the new MTU setting on my router to 1300 and once I changed that value, suddenly all sites are now opening quick and snappy. So, if you're like me and having problems with Streamyx, then check your current connection settings with this command (replacing with a valid website address to test)

ping [website add here]-f -l XXXX <- that is lowercase 'L' and NOT numerical '1'

What I'm wondering now is when did those bloody f**king a***oles at TM change this value and without informing subscribers?

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