Who wins TARA 3?

Its 12pm and I'm at work with 9 hours to go to the broadcast of the final episode of TARA3. Message boards at the official site have been blasted from supporters/fans/detractors/etc each one claiming a winner from their country. So I guess I'll have to wait and see who really wins.

UPDATED 30/11/2009
Everyone knows by now that the Hong Kong boys won TARA3 (can they actually be called Hongkies since Sam is Singaporean and Vince is Canadian ... oh well). The wonders of television and creative editing made the final episode of TARA3 seem like a close race between S&V with G&T but in reality they were 45 minutes apart to the finish line. Our final Malaysian team, I&T, were dissapointingly delayed for 1 hour and 30 minutes at the airport due to one lazy desk clerk and lost their lead and the race in the end (but kudos for still being good sports and completing the race!).

From what I can dig out, TARA3 once again sets many new records in the Amazing Race series (I could be wrong on these facts, but AFAIK they're correct)
  • It probably had the longest legs in any TAR race (some lasting over 40 hours non stop, hence the tagline "toughest race ever").

  • I'm also guessing that Tania is the first ever pregnant racer (she was about 3 months along during the race and only confirmed the pregnancy a month after it ended!).

  • Probably has the couple that changed detours the highest number of times (G&T changed 5 times in the last detour).

  • First TAR to be filmed in high-definition video but dissapointingly broadcast only in standard def.

  • Highest number of teams that gave up during race and quit in a detour/roadblock (5 out of the total 10 teams - Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand ×2). Team Malaysia did contemplate giving up during the detour to locate the right Bluray disc but didn't in the end. Team Phillipines G&T gave a passing mention during the minature museum task but also didn't opt to quit (and in the end were rewarded with Sam's blunder!)

This already adds to an impressive list of prior records made in TARA and TARA2 which include

  • First ever all female team to win an Amazing Race (Joe Jer and Zabrina, Malaysia in TAR)

  • First ever disabled person to win (and complete) an Amazing Race (Adrian and Colin, Singapore, TARA2)

So, only a year's worth of waiting until the TARA4 ... at least TAR12 is running and is FINALLY picking up the pace.

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