First post of 2009!!

OK - scratch that last post last year below. I went to the countdown -again- at 1 Utama at the very last minute just to catch the fireworks. Crowd was huge, traffic was bad (walked over there), police were everywhere but I'm most grateful that foam sprays were banned (woohoo!!)

Here's a clip of the 10 minute firework display (minus about 2 minutes because I switched to photo mode for a few pix halfway when I though it was over) as taken from the old wing of 1 Utama. Its a pretty good spot to watch with a far smaller crowd, air conditioning from 1 Utama and no need for neck craning angles. Problems? Extreme contrast between the dark sky and bright lights/spot lights brings out the flaw in most digital camera LCD sensors with overloaded pixels, hence the solid line that appears vertically across the video at times. Additionally the explosions were so loud they overloaded the tiny mics causing distortion (plus many car alarms going off too!). Oh well ... here's hoping 2009 brings good fortune to everyone!

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