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Fifth day of Chinese New Year 2009 and back in KL after 4 days in Ipoh. It's the year of the Ox (or more commercially depicted as a cow) and I only have two more days before going back to work (*sob sob*). Oh well, I guess I can't be on holiday forever else I'd be unemployed. It seems that many families (mine included) opted for steam boat reunion dinners. My first reunion dinner was in KL at my third uncle's house with 'organic' yee-sang which IMO tastes funny 'cause of the raw veggies.

Loh hei!!
Next day was the drive back to Ipoh. Things started off OK - not much traffic but it rained heavily in Tanjung Malim until everyone was reduced to a crawl of 60km/h. In one word, tiring. It was the day of the solar eclipse and although the storm clouds in the sky were blocking the view of the sun, they were themselves breathtaking as they caught the shadows and reflected beams of light.

Dunno what happened in this pic though ... no planes were heard seen but this circle was formed in the sky. UFO maybe?!?

At nights, it was either playing mahjong or watching TV. The TV was being hogged by those busy watching the Austalian tennis open so some of my cousins made their own fun by camwhoring .... again. Here's a cleaned-up 'enhanced' version of the session (the original can be viewed here)

Third day of CNY was another yee-sang session but this time in Ipoh with my maternal side relatives. It ws the usual spread of 10-dishes (supposed to mean something but I forgot ... go google it!)

Fourth day was spent in my aunty's open house for lunch.

After that I went to Kinta City which was a parking nightmare in comparison to the 1Utamas and Sunways of KL. Perakians park EVERYWHERE and I mean that literally - double AND triple parking, parking on ramps leading to other floors, disabled parking - name it and they will park there. This is one place you must not hesitate as arguments are known to happen over car parks (and one nearly did ... hahaha). Overall, Kinta City is still the same as any other shopping centre but I guess since its the only one in Ipoh, everyone flocks there for shopping or just to loiter.

Fourth day of CNY and its time to make the journey back to KL. After clearing the house of perishables and disposing of the last remnants of rubbish, we departed at 12 noon. Made a stop over at Sungkai to visit some relatives there. Here's a pic of my niece and nephew!

My nephew is 4 years old is a big fan of lion dances ... uhm ... obsessed is more like it.

So thats how my first 5 days of CNY were (inclusive of eve) and I'll end my post here with another of my cousins' cam session videos. Enjoy while I go count angpow money :P (yeah ... I know)

(funny how Google video fingerprinted this video and banned it but not the earlier one ... let's see how long until Youtube bans this one)

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