Web discoveries and gems!

The wonderful world of the Internet still surprises me sometimes with its quirks and unpredictable nature. Looking for oddities is probably one of my new hobbies and here are some that I've found this year


Hacked websites and 'server down'

New year's eve and was checking traffic on a local site when I saw this. I don't know when the site was hacked and the site has been offline since then.

The popular Low Yat site also faces server problems once in a while ... some of you might have seen this before with the bunny error message!


Speeling erors (sic)

Its kinda dissapointing to see spelling errors on websites, more so on a university website but I'm guessing this is an oversight in the translation from Malay to English or a really bad spel-chegger.

Bad data = unpredictable bargains!!

Once in a while, bad data does benefit the customer. I managed to grab this set at £8.99 last week and subsequently noticed they increased the price this week by £4!! (thats an increase of nearly RM22)

Also grabbed this 6 disc set at a unbeatable bargain of £2.99 (thats around RM17) two weeks back. Each volume is a DVD and CD combo with a 28 or 32 page book included about the artiste ... terrific value in my opinion. The set no longer exists on the site and searching brings no results but you can still find it at other locations such as Play.com or EzyDVD at a much higher price.

On the flip-side, would you buy this? Hurry limited stock and going for a steal at RM497.00!!

This page is still valid (as of 23rd Jan) and can be seen here. It actually reminds me of my earlier post here with the RM4000++ DVD set which (believe it or not) is STILL THERE!!.

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