It's been a wierd day ... back home from work and first thing I see upon entering is this huge box from Amazon.com. Problem is I've never ordered anything from Amazon before (I've avoided them so far because of their odd shipping policies).

After puling off probably a whole roll of packing tape, this was what was inside! A full-sized RoboRaptor (not those miniature wind-up ones a colleague of mine has) and tons of packing paper ... I estimate around 15 metres worth?

Seems I won first prize in the History Channel Jurassic Fight contest - and I didn't even know about it. Now what do I do with a metre long remote controlled dinosaur robot? All I know that its a battery guzzling hog (runs on 6AA and 3AAA batteries) and I'm guessing its no where as 'fluid' as the TV ad below :P

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