KK9 Choir ... behind the scenes and SS videos

This is a private post and requires passwords to unlock the full post contents. People with passwords are expected to keep to themselves and not to distribute them. Some videos are from my camera, others are from choir members or from Ese's camera.

Behind the scenes videos during practise.

13/03/2009 Practise session @ KK6 - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

13/03/2009 Practise session @ KK6 - Pusaka Merdeka

Practise session @ KK9 Dewan Makan - Pusaka Merdeka (pre-ending version)

Syiok sendiri videos

Tang Yuan nite in VIP room .. some have seen clips and previews of the games played, here are the full length versions!
How would the choir sound like as chipmunks? Was messing around in Vegas MS Platinum 9 and this was the result ... I thought it was funny.

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