Archuleta fever hits Malaysia hard and fast

Got this wierd-scary-shocking video from my cousin's post ... from a user upload on YouTube.

David Archuleta of American Idol S7 fame landed in KLIA Malaysia yesterday for a 4 day tour of the country which includes a showcase at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. Although security was present, obviously it wasn't enough as they weren't expecting the huge mob of fans that arrived to catch a glimpse of the teen star.

Best moment in the video? The other passengers getting of their flights wondering WTF is happening :D

He's supposed to be visiting one lucky school in the PJ area either today or tommorrow. Wonder which one will that be? There aren't THAT many schools in the PJ area ... I think.

UPDATE : He visits SriKDU as posted on R.AGE. Follow David's trip around locations in Klang Valley on the Twitter page here.

P/S: Those interested can probably still score showcase passes from participating music stores, DiGi dealers and radio promos running across Klang valley. Guessing by the welcoming response, you'd probably be shit-out-of-luck.

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