Video tests

Made a video for fun about the choir (and also to test out YouTube/Google Video/Facebook uploading specs). Went through somewhere about 6,000+ photos and around 57GB of video and narrowed it down to the following clip which was rendered in Vegas Movie Platinum. Hit the HQ button to view higher resolution encoding if you have the bandwidth to support it.

Findings about this test?
  • Google video resolution is bad (not the worst though) but they provide the best options for restricting viewership to particular regions of the world (e.g. Malaysia only). Any upload automatically generates a downloadable version in MP4 files compatible with some portable media players. Additionally, GV supports captioning based on SUB, SST and SAMI formats
  • YouTube provides the best resolution encoding amongst the three but messes up the audio sync ever so slightly. No downloadble option available but plenty of hacks out there to overcome this situation. Limited viewer restriction possibilities (max 25 users/subscribers) and embed properties. Allows annotation through online interface.
  • FB video is probably the worst amongst the three. Really slow uploads and random pauses/disconnections resulted in the same video requiring 13 hours to upload after 9 tries. Provides HD encodings but messes up by scaling all videos to 4:# ratios even when properly encoded. Widescreen uploads must be pre-letterboxed in order to playback properly. Does have the advantage of being able to limit viewership to restricted users only (by association/friendship/lists etc) and was the only one to correctly sync audio and video together.


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  2. Thanks Abang Soo. Watching this brings back so many memories.

    The journey hasn't been easy but it has been really satisfying and most of my best uni moments are all choir-related.

    Thank you so much again, for everything.