Hooked on iTunes 2 !!

Follow up from an earlier post here, four months on and my iTunes folder has exploded to a massive 53.6GBs ... and this does NOT include the 80 items queued up for downloading.

50++ gigs of space!Long queue to goWonder why I find it so amazing? All this content downloaded was 100 % FREE and legal. There are several gems amongst all the bits and bytes
    Free full episode of Mythbusters - Alaska special 2!
    Premiere episodes of Aaron Stone (now showing on Disney Channel Asia but I finished watching in April) and the upcoming Zeke and Luther (probably premiering on Disney Asia in December?) in 720p HD and 5.1 surround!
    Premiere episode of Parks and Recreation
    Mother's Day giveaway with episodes of Jon & Kate +8, Little people bit world, The Duggars ....
    Pilot episode of Glee! in HD
    6 Spring break freebies featuring full episodes from Discovery Travel and Living
Those terabyte harddisks are looking pretty tempting right about now....

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