Yeah ... I'm a sucker for novelty items

Can't really help it but freebies and novelty items always seem to catch my attention ... for one thing, they're free and the other is that there is no other way of obtaining them except at promos/roadshows/events. Here's the latest at the CI booth running at 1Utama this weekend.

Answer questions, take part in the quiz and you end up with these. Love those syringe pens ... and the fact that their caps are little IU bottles and they have real fluid inside them. What I don't understand are the leaves, debris and sand with the jigsaw puzzle. The bottom show little note pads with the probably the tiniest pen attached; also come with a torch and retractable measuring tape on the other end. Thermal mugs are the normal fare at the as are the t-shirts and car sunscreens (both not shown here).

Yeah ... simple things like this keep me happy ... I'm kinda sad like that (but cheap to shop for too!)

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