Whoa ... flashback on MyTown!

Was spring cleaning my room when I collected and sorted through the CDs that were stashed and forgotten and happened upon this oldie album.

I grabbed it from a bargain bin somewhere for 2 ringgit - I think - and totally forgotten about it (it was still shrink wrapped!!). I guess two of the members are more popular now in the band The Script but it was waaaay back then that they were an Irish export called MyTown and had a string of hits "Now That I've Found You", "Body Bumpin" and "Party All Night".

Since playing the CD, I've been rummaging through my harddrives (yes multiple drives - 8 internal/external drives totalling over 2 terabytes) and finally found the saved webcast of their stopover to Malaysia in which they visited KLCC and had a online webchat. I think the whole event was sponsored by Maxis.Net when they were promoting their dial-up services. Since I couldn't find the videos any where, I'm uploading them here just for the fun of it .... yeah, the MTV is totally lost and isn't even available on YouTube?!? Well, it is now :D

Even rarer is this next edited clip of them playing the song live for the webcast. Can't believe I actually downloaded the clip over a 33.6kbps dialup modem - the full video clip weighs in at 60MB!

10 years and this is all?

Posted about this back on 11th October 2008 and today this popped up in my inbox at Hotmail. After 12 years of using Hotmail, a mass generated email thanks is all I get .... *sheesh* ... how bout some free hardware? software?

What was supposed to be this year's song(s)?

Been asked this before ... my selection and arrangement for the songs for Feseni 2010 is previewed below :P