Waaaay overproduced and over the top = EPIC FAIL

Although I laud their efforts to promote relief to the Haiti nation, but me thinks (sic) that the new version of "We Are The World 25" pales in comparison by a VERY VERY large margin with the original eventhough it is 25 years old.

Yes there are countless of celebrities in the song but not all can sing (why the heck is that Bieber kid in there? was he even born when MJ recorded the first version? why does he get top billing?). The song has been heavily auto-tuned and produced with what seems like an overdoes of reverb and echo ... turn it up loud enough on headphones and it borders on getting nauseating with the phasing. And whats with the need to mention "Academy award" director the the music video? The final video looks like it could possibly have been produced using Windows Movie Maker with the footage taken off CNN or some other news broadcast.

Good points? The new sections and rap bits added a welcome update to the song. Inserting post recordings of MJ singing bits of the song is also a cool tribute to the King of Pop but other than that the song is pretty forgettable. Too bad .... look for some other avenue to donate rather than purchasing this piss-poor rendition of a MJ classic.