Faking a nude pic (or I'm bored and started photoshopping)

Last year someone on FB decided to upload a whole bunch of pics altered using the web service yearbookyourself. The results were less than spectacular but hilarious nonetheless. So few days back when I was bored out of my mind and sick of reading journals, I thought about seeing if a manual effort would produce better results.

My goal - create an incriminating picture about someone based on easily available pictures .... so whats in fashion now other than having your nude pics circulated online?

Step 1: obtain a nude picture to be "sacrificed". Google is SOOOOOOOO good to me here and in the end I decided on the male human form .... don't get any ideas though. I chose male so that more of the *ahem* nude body could be shown. If I went female, then basically I am limited to doing from shoulder up and that wasn't much of a challenge to alter the pic :P

Shown below is the pic I chose, cut (sic) to where I deemed necessary to show modification ... you want the rest of the pic, go Google it or search some porn site you know of (yeah, stop lying about it). Reason - clear body outline so that I can isolate it.

Step 2: Person to "incriminate". Obviously I had to choose a picture that more or less matched the body angle of my sacrificial pic so as I had less work to do - once again Google images to the rescue!! The chosen one here is pretty obvious (the group he comes from rhymes with boogerlay ... btw his pics are really amazing for someone over 40!) and it seemed to fit quite well, heck even the hair was cut off roughly at the same spot!

Problem here is that it was taken intentionally overexposed for a print ad which means one of the pics will have to be adjusted to match (kinda like how yearbookpics changes everything to black and white to simplify matching skin tones)

Step 3: I'm too lazy to document each step. Basically isolate body, cut of head and save as layer. Isolate head, cut of body and set as secondary layer. Merge, blend, resize, desaturate, brighten, feather smudge+smudge+smudge and several artsy-fartsy filters to hide any imperfections and here's the result. Not too bad for less than 10 minutes of digital manipulation .... a definite improvement over the effort from yearbook pics. If I wanted to, I probably could have replaced the background to the original but you get the general idea.
Kinda makes you wonder how many images you see in media are actually real and not touched-up

NOTE: This example and the people chosen/pics used were NOT intended to defame or insult the individuals. All content was obtained through Google images and used without permissions from respective parties. Apologies to all affected.

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