IP restrictions ... *sigh*

Facebook often has several good pages/groups that offer stuff like free software and free downloads (e.g. iTunes media) and the latest is actually a good one from Disney Music Moms which is giving away 50 music downloads from a mix of Disney repertoire over 50 days starting 3rd of May (US Time)

Scratch this paragraph ... they fixed it after finding out the problems.
Problem is that some of it is IP restricted ... the post to the download link that is. Seems that the link to the actual download is hidden to Facebook users outside of the US but the download remains active once you have resolved the link (maybe by the time they realise this they might find a way to block that too).

Here are the differences when logged onto Facebook outside US and behind a US proxy. This is the DMM page when logged on using a non-US IP address.

Here is the same page 2 minutes later when hosted through a US-based proxy server ... note the additional highligted section in yellow that contains the link to the actual mp3 download.

But most obvious is the page status when proxied and when not ... one shows the link whilst the other is blank

Wished DMM would have informed fans earlier instead of the hundreds of posts demanding to know where the links are. (Oh ... and don't bother with the links/addresses shown, they expire after 23 hours)

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