Free time experiment

What happens after you reach the limit of 26 drives in Windows? Seems like nothing .... Windows just stops assigning drive letters and instead assigns them to a null ?? which means they cannot be accessed. Only way to access these 'extra' drives is to do disk mapping to a particular folder.

How did I reach over 26 drives? Simple
C/D/E is primary HDD with 3 partitions
F/G are two internal DVDRW drives
H is a USB thumbdrive
I/J/K/P is internal multi-card reader
L/M/N is external HDD 1
Q/O is external HDD 2
R/S is external DVDRW
T is a virtual floppy
U/V/W/X is external card reader
Z is external HDD 3

Why no A/B? Those are reserved for floppy drives or for floppy emulators.

And yes ... I was bored.

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