Splurge, spend, buy!!

For 4 months (July until Oct) I have been spending on DVD and CDs bought from CDWOW, Yesasia, Amazon and Ebay. Damn these summer sales that are so tempting .... don't even know how much the total is (but I do know it has exceeded the 1k mark)

Wanna see what I got? (shown in order from latest to earliest)

Farscape - The Definitive Collection (R2)
32 DVDs including Peacekeeper Wars (finally can catch up after stopping at season 2) on pre-order. Kinda miss this series ... but shipment only arrives in December. Trailer viewable here at Youtube.

The Princess Bride 2-Disc Special Edition (R2)
Haven't watched this before ... but I had a cash voucher that was expiring so I bought this at £2.

Holes Widescreen Edition (R2)
Always liked this movie which I thought was a perfect adaptation of the book (which I also have ... funny thing is the book costs more than the DVD!)

The Aladdin Trilogy - Triple DVD set (R2)
I'm double dipping here because I already have Aladdin 2-Disc SE DVD .... was planning on getting the second and third movies on separate DVDs but this option was cheaper.

Prison Break Complete Series (R2)
22 DVDs completing all four seasons of Prison Break PLUS the bonus two hour ending DVD in one package (total 23 DVDs). Buying locally would cost RM659.90 ... this version cost me RM350.51

High School Musical OST - 2-disc set (US edition)
Wanted the instrumental CD only but this was just RM1.80 more and since I don't have the soundtrack CD I bought this. Second disc is karaoke CDG only.

Simple Plan - MTV Live at Hard Rock CD+DVD (UK import R2,3,4,5)
Been trying to get this for so long (already had 3 orders on different sites cancelled and refunded because of no stock). Contains both the audio CD and live DVD recording of their concert in HRC. Local versions only have in VCD format and costs RM13 more ... weird??!?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Complete 15th Anniversary Collection (R2)
40 DVDs for over 80 hours of Friends!! Available locally for RM59.90 per season for a total of RM599.00 (10 seasons mah) ... this purchase only RM196.90 AND it takes less space. Box set also contains full colour 64p booklet with description of each episode, photos and original series pitch.

A Town Called Eureka Season 2 (R2)
3 DVD box set of this quirky series ... got season one at bargain price elsewhere (for RM30 only) and wanted to continue the series.

ハウルの動く城 Howl's Moving Castle Special 2-DVD edition (R2)
Its Ghibli and this is the recommended edition (compared to R2 Japan, R3 Taiwan and R1 US) as reviewed here.

火垂るの墓 Grave of the Fireflies Special 2-DVD edition (R2)
Haven't seen this yet but heard good reviews. This version is the only one that has the original storyboards for the whole movie ... similar to the R2 Spirited Away.

The Music Man 2003 (R1)
Disney's version of Meredith Wilson's The Music Man as potrayed by Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth (Glee's April Rhodes a.k.a. Broadway's first Glinda on Wicked). Love the bonus where she sings Til' There Was You live on stage (which someone uploaded here on Youtube) Sadly though Broderick is waaaay to stiff to play the character of Prof. Hill.

The Producers (R3)
This was on sale and was too tempting to resist (only cost RM11). Once again featuring Matthew Broderick (from The Music Man above), Nathan Lane (Timon in Lion King), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and Will Ferrell (Talladega Nights). "Good-dog-me-wenen!"

Phineas and Ferb Sing-a-long CD (European Import)
Hmmm ... dunno why I bought this. Maybe just because of one song Gitchie Gitchie Goo? Anyways, I like collecting karaoke CDs and DVDs like this .... already my 7th in the Disney Karaoke series.

Nancy Drew (R3)
Its Emma Roberts 'nuff said ... and they're filming a sequel now! This was on sale too and cost RM12 I think.

Jungle Book 2 Special Edition (R3)
Already have Jungle Book 2-disc DVD so this completes the set. Anyways this was another on summer sale purchase.

Constantine 2-Disc Deluxe Edition with Book (R1)
Not many like this movie but I do. Acting is so-so but I like the plot a lot. This version comes with a reproduction of Hellblazer book in the set.

The Muppet Show Season 1 (R4)
4-disc DVD set of season one The Muppet Show. This was waaay before I was born but I have watched it before. Bought this during a splash sale at £4.99!! It now has returned to the original price of £25!!!!! At least now I know how the original Mahna Mahna looked like (watch Sandra Bullock's new version on Youtube here)

High School Musical 2 Dance Edition (R3)
Clearance sale purchase at RM18 ... and thats INCLUDING shipping. This is the 2-disc set with the extended version of the movie and bonus disc.

Dinosaur Collector's Edition 2-DVD (R4)
Another gut purchase ... but this one was expensive at RM39 but is still cheaper than the local version! This is a double DVD set with the second DVD of bonus features.

Riddick Chroniken Eines Kriegers - Pitch Black Special Edition (R2)
Bought the German Edition of this disc on sale (again!) 'cos I'm trying to complete the set. Already have the Chronicles of Riddick ... so only left Dark Fury in the trilogy to get.

Die Muppets Weihnachtsgeschichte - Muppet Christmas Carol 50th Anniversary Edition
Have the score, have the soundtrack ... so now I have the DVD. Still want to get the R1 version though 'cos this German version is cut.

Jim Henson's Jack & the Beanstalk - The Real Story (R3)
Liked this movie when it was shown on Hallmark Channel so I bought it since had a cash voucher to claim.

Young Sherlock Holmes (R3)
Same excuse as above ... sad thing is that this DVD and the one above is barebones with no extras. J&TB above is worse because halfway the subtitles are encoded wrongly on the disc.

Charlotte's Web Special Edition DVD
Bought this 'cos I thought the packaging was cute. DVD is sandwiched between a foam cutout and has many additional features. Same DVD here costs twice as much and is in normal DVD case.

As you probably can see, my tastes are really varied and uncertain ... sometimes just weird lah ... what I REAALLLLYYY need now is like a hundred times more storage space!! Note that the list above does not include stuff that I bought locally at the store ... shown are online purchases only :P

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