899 apps and no iDevice

Yeah ... as of 30th Sept 2011, I've amassed 899 apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod and I don't even own any of the devices (yet!). So its easy to guess what my next toy will be ... *hint*

Total cost = US$0.00
Actual cost ≈ US$553.00 (last checked in August)

Best places to keep track for free iOS apps is at freeappaday and appshopper ... the others mostly provide links to lousy shit. So setup an iTunes account in US, UK and a local one (for the local news apps) and you're done!


  1. Iphone 5?? or Ipad???
    I am so itchy to get an Ipad ler!!! hehe....

  2. jailbreak, then can get evything for free.. hahahhaha....