Hello old friend ...

I've been procrastinating too much again ... *sigh*

But news of the upcoming iPad launch has me excited. Most sources have already "confirmed" the presence of a higher resolution display and possibly faster CPU but everyone is expecting a wow factor that Apple is famous for. So what is going to be new on the latest version? Gizmodo has stated the possibility of having no home button, whilst others have stated the use of LTE (which BTW is still far and away in Malaysia for now) .... I'll take a wild guess for the heck of it and say that Apple will have a pad with touch sensitivity as its wow factor. This would allow the pad to function as both a normal tablet AND also as a high resolution input device for artistic use - this would most certainly benefit with the recent release of Adobe photo apps for the iPad. Who knows? Maybe I'll be right at this guessing game :D

Other things to get excited about is the consumer preview release of Windows 8 tomorrow .... which heralds another round of formatting and reinstalling software .... yay or nay? Oh well, hope me gets a license later for the operating system from the academic alliance store.