Finally a better firmware for default Unifi routers

Referring to an earlier post here, there has finally been an unofficial-official firmware to fix the DNS problem with the DIR615 routers. The firmware updates G2 routers to version 7.15 and finally forwards DNS requests correctly between the router and the users in the LAN (previous firmwares timed out on most DNS requests thus making most pages never fully load or just time out)

So, save your config (just in case, the update shouldn't delete settings but you never know) from the menu. Download the firmware from here and update using the administration menu. Tested on two routers to work better than the original (one was 7.12 the other was 7.13).

Awww ... even iTunes makes mistakes

*Sigh* - as advanced as Apple is, iTunes does make mistakes like the one above. It probably was a indexing error with their backend servers.