Unifi D-link firmware updates

The default router that most (but not all) Unifi subscribers get is the orange themed D-link OEM DIR-615 rev. G1/2. The latest firmwares for this router are listed below - there is no changelog or update list anywhere so it is difficult to determine which version will work best for you. There is also currently no known firmware update for the black or silver routers.

  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G1 v7.05 [DOWNLOAD]
  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G2 v7.12b05 [DOWNLOAD]
  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G2 v7.13b02 [DOWNLOAD]
  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G2 v7.14b02 [DOWNLOAD]
  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G2 v7.15b02 [DOWNLOAD]
  • D-Link/TM DIR-615 G2 v7.19b02 [DOWNLOAD]

DISCLAIMER: Although these are valid files, they have NOT been tested and are NOT recommended for casual users so try these firmware(s) files at your own risk. TM is not responsible for any damage that may/can occur. I too will not be held responsible for any damage/loss that may occur if your firmware update causes your router to fail.

WARNING: Ensure that you flash firmware over a WIRED connection. Always backup your configuration BEFORE starting a flash and ensure you know your login name and password to your Unifi account before proceeding. As a precaution, download several of the firmware files so that if one fails you may try another. Please learn and understand the DIR-615 recovery procedure which will allow you to re-flash a router that is bricked/dead because of bad firmware.

UPDATE 2015/11/05: Links updated and only latest two firmwares uploaded since the older ones have bugs and should not be used.

UPDATE 2015/12/15: Links removed - find your own sources

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