American Idol 7 finals ... which David will win?

Its hours before the final performances from the top two in the seventh season of American Idol and from what I've seen/heard/read, the public is pretty much divided evenly amongst both Davids. Although ratings have dropped pretty much in comparison with previous seasons, this year's final two contestants definitely have outclassed previous seasons by a long shot. Both Davids have NEVER been in the bottom group and both have their own style (which leads to their own evenly matched fan-base).

David A. is outstnadingly great and only great at ballads - his attempts at any faster, upbeat tempo songs were bland at best or sung with forgotten lyrics. He does have the advantage of youth since he's only 17 and quite a cutie. Supposedly singing with pitch perfection, he does manage to pull off the note runs and high notes quite flawlessly. Quite adept at the piano, he seems to have staved off performing with an instrument ... maybe because there's hardly any time left to practise the songs let alone practise the piano. My fave songs so far - Imagine, Love me tender, You're the voice and Stand by me.

David C. carries the rocker look well and his re-arrangements (whether original or not) are certainly his niche genre. That's not to say he can't sing ballads or pop songs well as he has shown during the Andrew Lloyd Webber week (studio recording is one word - amazing). He certainly brings on a look of arrogance whenever he performs but I'll just put that down to pure confidance for now. Fave songs so far which I can hear repeatedly - Always be my baby, Music of the night, Hello and Eleanor Rigby.

What do they have in common? Both play the guitar (although DA has only since performed on the piano), both love musicals (having appeared in many a school play). and both have earlier recordings (unsigned and not widely distributed).

Heck! I'm torn evenly between them for both their flaws and perfections but silently I'm kinda rooting ever-so-slightly more for Cook ... mostly because of stories of Jeff Archuleta being the "stage parent" which I wouldn't want befalling on anybody.

Oh well ... only time will tell, so bring on the finals!!

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