Another trip down to KL town

Spent Monday night wandering around Petaling Street 'cos I was accompanying my aunt there. She's staying in KL for the week but this time in the Trader's Hotel which is surprisingly good although the hotel lobby does leave a poor impression. The view from the room however is totally fantastic 'cos you're smack dab in front of the Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC.

View from room window
Although it doesn't look like it, Trader's is actually taller than Mandarin Oriental by 4 floors (not so sure when in terms of actual measured height though) and their rooms seem to be ever-so-slightly larger than the ones in Mandarin - either that or their use of large floor to ceiling mirrors and built in table/consoles gives me that illusion (oh ... and perhaps the use of a flat LCD television instead of a bulky CRT one contributes to the extra space)

I haven't been to Petaling Street in four years but it hasn't changed that much since then anyways. Fake goods are still available everywhere - from Bvlgari to Channel and Adidas to Nikes, name it and they probably have it. I do miss a few stalls though, namely the 50 sen tau fu fah.

Same old Petaling Street
Its still as stuffy and jam-packed as I remember but one thing was hugely different when walking this time round. For the hundreds of times that I have walked through Petaling Street (just FYI I had to go past this street to get to/from school and the busstop at Kota Raya) this is the first time I've seen so many gwailos around ... in fact they probably outnumbered the locals by a fair amount. They seemed very much at home with the bargaining tactics required by the vendors and I even noticed a few that can speak quite fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. Now THAT was the eye-opener for the night. Didn't get anything though ... somehow I don't think I've ever really bought anything from Petaling Street.

We only managed to get back to the hotel at around 11pm (TIP: get a metered cab 'cos the trip is around RM4 - RM5 only. Several unscrupulous cabbies wanted unmetered rates at RM15!!). In the room, my aunt went into a fit of giggles when she started photographing Ernie all overthe room ... by the end of this session, it was almost like we had filmed Ernie's modelling portfolio (for some soft-porno perhaps :D )

Anyways, Ernie is now back home accompanying Kermit on the shelf ... Rubber duckie you're the one, you make my bathtime oh so fun ....

Ernie and Kermit
To end this post here are two more images of the Petronas Twin Towers, with one on a longer exposure to capture the glow from the spotlights but it does create a lot of digital noise ... oh well what d'ya expect from a consumer digicam?

KLCC at 11.35pm
KLCC 1 second long exposure

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