Cross-flashing LG GSA H60N worked!

I've kept this hack KIV for quite sometime because there hasn't been much write-up about it until now since the servers have been partially restored and the forums are back online.

My main goal is actually to make my new DVD writer region-free because of the high number of DVDs I have that cover ever region in the world (except those reserved for airlines) although the tool I've used offers much more in terms of removing rip speed locks and improving write speeds on writable media by overriding default designations based on manufacturer media codes. It seems that the H60N drive I have is the OEM version of the H62N model and can be found on MANY retail branded PC systems including those from Dell, Acer and HP.

To accomplish this hack, two downloads are necessary - the first is MediaCodeSpeedEdit (MCSE tool) available from here, I used v1.1.0.16 which has some added support for the H60N drive. What attracted me was the RPC2 auto-reset feature explained below.

Next, it's off to the LG service site to get the firmware for the H62N model of the drive and somehow, I could locate the firmware only from the German site here. Once there, select "Geràte Trieber" which basically brings you to the hardware drivers page. Select "DVD-ROM / DVD-writer" from the options table and look through the list for a download named "Firmware für den GSA-H62" sized around 1,659KB.

Unpack the MCSE package and start the program then click on the [Load] button and select the firmware downloaded earlier. There is no need to run/unpack/extract the update beforehand. The only setting I was interested in (for now anyways) was the RPC2 Auto Reset option which I checked. I then saved the file and executed the patched firmware with no further alterations to the file. I could basically disable the riplocks and such but I already have another drive for that purpose.

WARNING! Here's where things get sticky because on my hardware, the drive updater refused to end or terminate. So what I did was I left my PC alone for a good whole 5 minutes before forcing a shutdown (possible either by physically turning off the power or holding the on-off switch on the case until it shuts off). I left it alone for that time period just to make sure that any flashing process completes and 5 minutes gives it plenty of time to do so (my usual Lite-On and Benq target drives flashes in around 30 secs).

Upon reboot, I was relieved to find the drive still working and was now recognised as a LG GSA H62N in the BIOS and also in Windows. Testing the auto reset feature, I used the drive system properties to set the region on the drive to R2 and played a DVD. MCE and Vista didn't complain about regions and incompatibilities. Shutting down the PC entirely and restarting resets the drive back to its state before the cross flash. So, if previously it was set to R3 with 2 changes left, it will forever keep reverting to that upon cold restarts. Note that soft reboots and logging in/out does not reset the drive.

DISCLAIMER : Any attempts of this hack is at your own risk and I do not take any responsibility. Unofficial firmware updates are not approved and may void your warranty if not done properly. All trademarks, tradenames and program names are property of their individual owners.

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  1. That German site no longer works. You get a blank screen.