Oooh ... looky what I got in the mail today!

Got a pretty large package delivered by FedEx Priority mail today - seems I won a prize in the AXN Speed Racer competiton. Heck ! I can't even remember when I entered it 'cos it was so long ago and can't remember what the prizes were. What I do recall was that I entered it for fun and randomly picked the answers (with a lot of help from Wikipedia of course). I can't even - for the life of me - remember what slogan I wrote (if there was one). Its the fourth time I've won competitions from AXN ... wierd huh?

So whats it the package? Quite a lot actually and everything has been packed pretty tightly in the box. Thankfully nothing is broken, squashed or torn this time.

Lotsa stuff
First off, there are the usual movie premium tie-ins of a T-shirt and cap. Funny how both don't match with one being black and the other being white. The tee is kinda cool with its print (i.e. light-reflective print) and the big X on the front ... with the flash, the print just glows bright white. In normal light is just a dull dark grey.

Obligatory tee and cap
Tee under normal light
Next up is the largest item - a shoulder bag done in the theme of the anime with tones of black, white, red and yellow all over. Even the inner lining is done in the sixties checkerboard fashion. A bit too gawdy for my tastes ... and whats with all the handles, straps and loops? I'll figure them out later.

SR shoulder bag .. many compartments
Third item is boxed as a View Finder which basically is just a renamed View-Master with a preloaded reel featuring scenes from the movie. Its the same size as the original View-master but has the words SpeedRacer and Image3D moulded onto the fascia. And guess what ... I STILL have my original View-Master 3D although most of the reels have since melted or rotted away. So that means I now have TWO View-Masters ... hee hee.

SR in 3D glory
The pièce de résistance is the notebook which is actually physically autographed by Jung Ji Hoon in gold paint pen... and I can probably hear the majority of the crowd go "Huh ... who?". Its RAIN who plays the character Taejo in the movie. Whats also cool is how the notebook flips to reveal three other covers featuring Speed (Emile Hirsch), Racer X (Lost's Matthew Fox) and the movie poster.

Taejo cover...and its autographed too!
Speed and Taejo covers
Movie cover
Racer X cover
The irony of it all - I have yet to watch the movie or any of the anime episodes but with home video, I guess I can do that anytime. I'll probably just wait for the complete DVD or BD box collection instead of buying the separate volumes they're currently being sold as. Anyways, there's a lot of commotion about how the anime is being released on US DVD now with bad compression, wrong playback times and wonky playback menus. What's unfair is that if you're in the US, you can watch season one of SR online for free here.

Oh, there was also another contest I won last month but totally forgot about posting it so I might as well put that alongside this one since they're the same thing. Any guesses to which TV hit show sensation that these prizes come from? Left to right, the prizes included 6-piece set of bookmarks, some sparkly notepad and temporary tattoos.

So what are you sittin' on your @$$ reading this for? Get onto the websites and start clicking/writing to win stuff over at Astro, AXN, AFC, and Disney Channel (note Astro account number required)

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