My Worst Day Ever (so far ... )

And I feel like
I'm living the worst day
Over and over again
And I feel like the summer is leaving again
I feel like
I'm living the worst day
I feel like you're gone
And every day is the worst day ever

Yesterday was the worst day ever
And tomorrow won't be better
It's history repeating (on and on)
Summer plans are gone forever
I traded them in for dishpan water
And every day is never ending
I need to work I'm always spending

[Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets ... JustBalls]

Most of you already know, I was robbed in broad daylight on the busy highway. Part of it is my fault for being too trusting, the rest of it is purely me being too stupid and naive. Total loss estimated RM3500++ (RM2300 cash, one digital camera, 2 SD memory cards, one handphone and one 500GB Buffalo external harddisk), one slightly swollen nose and bruises.

No pics (no camera mah) ... no need. Putting it in the past and making it a lesson well learnt. Sorry I swore online (facebook ...) as I REALLY had to vent.

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