Why you should update your TM Unifi router firmware NOW!

TM Unifi subscribers with the orange D-Link router should check and update their router firmwares ASAP because of a known vulnerability in any versions below 7.19. (TL;DR - see here)

If you are using any router with affected firmware, your passwords (router management) are open and susceptible to harvesting since it is also retrievable on the Internet (only if you have remote management enabled .... which is, unfortunately, enabled by default)

To update the firmware of the router
  1. Download the firmware 7.19 (see earlier post)
  2. Use an ethernet connection (wired) and plug in to any available port at the rear of the router (Except the port nearest the antennas since those are the WAN and IPTV ports and won't work). Wireless updates maybe possible but not recommended.
  3. Enter management mode with your router password - search google if you do not know your password
  4. Save your current configuration (in case anything goes wrong) by going to the Maintenance tab > Save and Restore > Save Settings to Local Harddrive
  5. Upload and update the firmware by going to Firmware Update >  Choose File > Upload
  6. Wait for reboot. 
If updated, the vulnerability should be fixed and you will see this with the command

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